Black Cumin Seed


What is Habbatus Sauda / Black Seed Oil?

It was narrated by Abu Huraira r.a. who said he heard The Prophet (Prayers & Peace Be Upon Him) said that, “This black seed is a cure for every ailment except As-Saam.” Aisha r.ha. asked: “What is As-Saam?” The Prophet (Prayers & Peace Be Upon Him) replied: “Death” (Al-Muslim)


Daripada Abu Huraira r.a., Nabi Muhammad (SAW) bersabda: “Habbatus Sauda ini menyembuhkan segala jenis penyakit kecuali As-Saam.” Aisyah r.ha. pun bertanya:

“Apakah As-Saam itu?” Jawab Baginda (SAW) “Mati.” (Riwayat Al-Muslim)

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Product Description


Black Cumin Seed Oil enjoyed high recognition since ancient times.


Black cumin seed oil was produced by cold pressing the seeds of Black cumin or Nigella Sativa, which has been taken as medical and edible plants in the folk for more than 2000 years. Known as “Pharaohs’ Gold”, black cumin seed Oil was viewed as a nutritional supplement and precious drug for the nobles in ancient Egypt.


It features in its components containing volatile oil of 0.5-1%, a kind of oil that is able to avoid oil oxidation and deterioration. Combined with the high unit of polyunsaturated fatty acids, black cumin seed oil becomes of a vegetable oil with multiple health care benefits.


More than 450 studies were worked on this “miracle seed” in the past five decades. In 1996, black cumin extracts was qualified to be used in fitness protection according to announcement of the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  



Boasts of distinctive nutritional value and health care benefits


Possessed of precious nutritional value and various functions, black cumin seed oil has unique health efficacy due to its active ingredient-“thymoquinone”, a substance that is effective in adjusting physiological functions and helps the body strengthen its health defenses.


Enhance physical fitness and nourish the body


Black cumin seed oil contains precious fatty acid essence, mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acid, among which the linoleic acid is required by the body, resulting of heightening physical fitness and identified as a rich nutritional supplement.


Regulate Physiological function


As a great booster to elevate capable of self-defense and health defense, this oil is conductive to keep our body far from the invasion of foreign materials.


Build up physical energy and diminish the look of fatigue


Black cumin seed oil can assist the body function running smoothly and energize modern people through the supply of source of vitality.


Loaded with multiple vitamins, maintain a healthy and fresh complexion


With abundant body friendly vitamins, the oil is in favor of a better body function and helping to maintain healthy.


100% pure black cumin seed oil without any chemical substances


We adopted the most primitive pattern of raw materials, and use the most authentic appearance of raw materials to wake up the essence of heaven and earth hidden in raw materials. The technology of cold pressing oil is natural without any chemical addition, which successfully preserved the unique flavor, aroma and nutritional value of black cumin. Black seed oil, appeared in reddish brown and moderately lubricated, smells of strong herbal fragrance because of numerous aromatic molecule.


Plant Capsule—edible safety and trustworthy


Pure natural plant capsule, easy to absorb and feel relieved to take, is fairly superior than gelatin capsule in terms of protection degree of product quality, sealing and food safety.


Easy to carry and consume


The adoption of capsule is effective in isolating the pollution in the air and avoiding the complicated routines of brewing or frying.



INGREDIENTS: Black cumin seed oil (Nigella sativa seed Oil)


USAGE: Take 1-2 softgels a day after meal.




   This product is a dietary supplement and should not be taken as a drug.


  Please take the softgel immediately upon removing from the container.


   Keep container tightly sealed after use.


   Store below 30°C.


   Keep out of reach of children.


  Avoid direct sunlight and moisture. 

Weight 300 g


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